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The idea for bespoke brewing was born along with our son Raymond Theodore. Because our families are located far from Toronto, we wanted something special for them to open when we let them know of his arrival. Sean brewed Celebration Saison in August 2017. Celebration Saison was bottled champagne style, topped off with caged corks. Sarabeth designed labels with descriptions before sending these bottles to family and close friends across Canada and the US. The night of January 11, 2018 was filled with the sound of corks popping across the land as our family and close friends received the news of Ray’s arrival. It was truly memorable as photos came in of ecstatic faces enjoying Celebration Saison with our news.

Red Tape Brewery
159 Main Street
Toronto, ON M4E 2V9

Hours of Operation
Monday - Wednesday: 12pm-6pm
Thursday - Saturday: 12pm-9pm
Sunday: 1pm-7pm

Contact us about brewing and bottling your custom beer for life’s milestones like these!

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